Wednesday, 25 May 2011


1. I'm loving getting back into reading and writing again. It's coming along slowly slowly. I'm going to make it a mid term goal of mine to try and join a cool new book club.

2. Simple pictures attached to quirky taglines that make it SO much more.

3. I'm loving Gabi's bikini style on her trip to Vegas Baby!

4. Cool rings worn like this, recently seen styled on Ashley.

5. A selection of previous magazines I've bought and collected. TRYING to keep them in PRISTINE condition, but my continuous reading and flicking of pages is making this hard.

5. My Life!!

6. Every day before I go to work, I get up a whole hour and 15 mins earlier to make lunch for the day ahead, with a strong coffee before sitting down to relax with my daily episode of One Tree Hill... I had the finale on this morning, so here's hoping the next season starts tomorrow, otherwise I'll be at a loss over what to do! Sleep, maybe??!

7. Mary-Kate and Ashley: Two modern style icons of my generation. The fact they're identical twins just makes them even cooler. It's in my long term plan to one day own something from their slightly less expensive line, Elizabeth & James, but who knows, I could end up shopping for a suit in The Row one day instead of Primark!

8. The £175 'Shola Bandage' REISS dress that Kate Middleton wore to meet Barack and Michelle Obama at Buckingham Palace alongside Prince William. This gorgeous woman does NO wrong. The Reiss website actually crashed due to high demand of the dress, and just like her electric blue 'Issa' engagement dress, I have a feeling this one will be sold out for WEEKS at a time.

9. Looking around for ideas and inspiration to restock my 'medicinal cabinet.' [NOT LITERALLY] My medicine cabinet is what I refer to when I talk about beauty products. Yes, I have a usual routine and products that I like to use, usually working on/off so at the moment they seem to be a little tempramental so now more than ever, I'm more than tempted to try something new but am understanding that for quality and long lasting, professional wear, you have to pay the price. I've also been reading up on skincare tips and more and more am inclined to believe in the sheer importance of starting beauty from WITHIN.

10. A healthy fridge is a happy fridge :-) - Its National Vegetarian Week this week, so I'm keeping up my vegetarian/vegan kick. Veganism is quite hard, so at the moment I'm finding a cross between the two is pretty good for me. My diet now includes cheese and milk, but I try and keep cheese and yoghurt, and CARBS!! to a minimum if I can. I believe treats and snacks are also important, recently I've been snacking on these a bit too much, nuts especially, but I had a wheat free, gluten free and dairy free chocolate brownie two days ago and it was surprisingly good!! When I go out for coffee I usually switch to soy milk as its been proven that cow's milk can stimulate acne on the skin, as well as eating soy cheese or extra light cream or cottage cheese as opposed to the hard yellow stuff. My weakness is cheese twists - I'm a savoury gal!!

11. I can't get over how much I love this ENTIRE look on Ashley Tisdale. If it was hot enough, I would happily live in this outfit each and every day!!